VIRL is an orchestration & virtualization platform that’s used to design, deploy and execute your topology’s.

VIRL Currently supports the following virtualized platforms.

  • IOSv
  • IOS XRv
  • NX-OSv
  • CSR1000v
  • Plus 3rd party appliances like Ubuntu, vSRX etc

The images are taken from the same code base as the physical devices, however no support for features that require ASIC support.

VM Maestro allows you to design what the physical topology looks like. AutoNetKit then builds the configs; The topology can easily changed to run on vIOS, XRv etc with a few clicks!

The Personal & Academic editions are limited to the following restrictions.

  • 20 VM’s (Hard Limit)
  • No Limit for NON Cisco VM’s

If you’re looking for a commercial edition without the 20 VM limit and Cisco support then take a look at Cisco Modeling Labs.

Top Tips:

  1. Conserve memory by disabling the GUI on the VIRL Host
  2. How to Setup External Telnet or SSH Client


  1. Community Support
  2. VIRL Documentation Library
  4. VIRL Facebook Page
  5. VIRL YouTube Channel

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