Guest Shell (5.2.b)

Not to be confused with Cisco IOS shell ( that provides shell scripting capability to the Cisco IOS command-line-interface (CLI). Guestshell is a virtualized Linux-based environment, designed to run custom Linux applications, including Python for automated control and management of Cisco devices. It also includes the automated provisioning (Day zero) of systems. This container shell … Read more now..

EEM Applets (5.2.a)

Embedded Event Manager (EEM) provides real-time event detection and automation directly on Cisco IOS, IOS-XR and NX-OS platform. EEM offers the ability to monitor events and take informational, corrective, or any desired EEM action when the monitored events occur or when a threshold is reached. EEM provides a flexible, policy-driven framework that supports in-box monitoring … Read more now..

Cisco Shell

Cisco IOS shell ( provides shell scripting capability to the Cisco¬†IOS command-line-interface (CLI). ¬†Cisco enhances the process of controlling and configuring an IOS router using the CLI by including, variable substitution, paths, conditional statements, loops, pipes, functions, etc. Lets cover some of the features and how we enable it, it’s disabled by default. Prerequisites … Read more now..