Cisco TrustSec Switch-to-Switch Link Security (Manual Mode)

MACsec is the IEEE 802.1AE standard for authenticating and encrypting packets between two MACsec capable devices. The Catalyst 3750-X and 3560-X switches support 802.1AE encryption with MACsec Key Agreement (MKA) on downlink ports for encryption between the switch and host devices. The switch also supports MACsec link layer switch-to-switch security by using Cisco TrustSec Network … Read more now..

UCS CLI & PowerShell Scripts

Adding VLAN’s and updating the vNIC templates is straightforward in the GUI; But if you have a lot of VLAN’s and vNIC templates to update then it quicker to add them via some kind of script. There are a number of ways to ways to script the UCS platform using the API. The CLI is one of the … Read more now..

vShield Manager Certificates

Adding a certificate to the vShield manager should be a straightforward process according to the documentation a dozen steps at most. But my experience has been anything but straightforward.  A few additional steps are required to successfully import a signed certificate. Firstly we need a certificate on the vShield Manger to enable us to encrypt information sent to the vShield Manager web server. You … Read more now..