CCNA Security (210-260) Portable Command Guide, 2nd Edition

By: Bob Vachon
Pages: 352
Published: Apr 4, 2016
Reviewed: 18/07/2016
ISBN-10: 1-58720-575-0

This book covers all the basics with real world examples and best practices. The first few chapters covered the basic concepts in relation to security and provides a basis for the rest of the book. You should not expect in depth explanations for the configuration examples, after all the goal of this book is to provide a base configuration for you to expand upon and tailor to your environment along with assisting with exam preparation.

Some of the features might only available in later code versions. All the examples in the book have been tested on IOS 15.x but most if not all should be available on older code bases. The book also covers basic VPN’s including site-to-site, SSL based VPN’s and IPS with the author walking you through both CLI and ASDM configuration examples, many with topology diagrams.

Overall a well written book inline with the Cisco’s blueprint for the Cisco Network Security Exam with lots of clear and concise examples thought out the book. A useful book for exam prep and everyday use.

Download a sample (Chapter 3 and Index)

The blueprint for the IINS Exam can be found here.

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