Juniper Online Proctored Exam (OP)

Juniper Networks Certification Program team is now offering an online proctored (OP) exam option that will allow candidates to conveniently and easily take an associate-level written exam in the comfort of their home or office while being monitored by an offsite proctor.

While this was originally open just for Associate-level exams the Juniper Networks Certification Program team have opened it up to include the Specialist and Professional-level certification exams.

This expansion means thirteen additional Specialist and Professional certifications are now available to take online including the Cloud and Automation/DevOps exams!

I recently sat the JNCIA-Junos (JN0-102) Associate-level exam JN0-102 exam using the OP platform.

Things you should be aware of while taking the exam using the OP platform.

Nothing can be written down, no pens/paper or even notepad to mention it. Your device also needs to meet the minimum system requirements. It highly recommended that you run an exam simulation session before your sign-up for your OP exam.

After you have downloaded, installed and tested the software you are set to book your exam.

On exam day you will need to unplug any external monitors and perform a complete work area scan of the environment using your webcam, your desk and walls must be completely clear. After the online proctor is happy with your environment they will launch your exam.

Your session will be recorded including your audio and webcam feed.

The exam experience is pretty much like any other exam apart form you are unable to write anything down for obvious reasons. Also, note if the proctor hears any noise or expects you of cheating in any shape or form your exam will be immediately terminated and recording will be reviewed and reported.

The OP method is really useful if you live a fair distance from a testing centre. For me, the nearest is about an hour away so for me, it saved me a few hours travel. Another bonus is that you can book your exam at convenient times throughout the day and evening.

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