CCIE Lab Builder

Bruno van der Werve from Cisco has provided a sneak preview over at The Cisco Learning Network of a new product known as the CCIE Lab Builder. This will run on the exact same infrastructure as the actual lab exam, including the virtual devices (ie. IOL) and will also use the the web interface from the … Read more now..

UCS CLI & PowerShell Scripts

Adding VLAN’s and updating the vNIC templates is straightforward in the GUI; But if you have a lot of VLAN’s and vNIC templates to update then it quicker to add them via some kind of script. There are a number of ways to ways to script the UCS platform using the API. The CLI is one of the … Read more now..

vShield Manager Certificates

Adding a certificate to the vShield manager should be a straightforward process according to the documentation a dozen steps at most. But my experience has been anything but straightforward.  A few additional steps are required to successfully import a signed certificate. Firstly we need a certificate on the vShield Manger to enable us to encrypt information sent to the vShield Manager web server. You … Read more now..

Lab Exam: Retakes

Effective from August 2, 2014  Cisco have updated their Retake Policy. All candidates must wait 30 days between CCIE lab attempts. Please note that the 30-day period starts from the day after a failed lab exam. Candidates who fail any CCIE lab exam on the first attempt must wait for a period of 30 calendar … Read more now..